5 Helpful Tips for Buying Fast Access Safes Online

Having a locker or safe in the home is an imperative these days; especially when incidents like burglary have no bounds.

Typically, you would seek a traditional “sturdy” Safe with simple lock-based systems. No matter how sturdy the lock systems are, it’s easy for the burglars to break into them. However, you can avoid the trouble by buying yourself a Tactical Safe, which is ordinary-looking but carries special features.

Prior to buying a safe online, you should look at the available options. We have compiled a list of tips for purchasing the suitable safe for home.

1. Safe types – The availability of different safe types may confuse you a little bit. Therefore, you should decide why you need the safe for. Is it for protecting documents or jewelry or weapons? You can find cash boxes, vault doors, cabinet safes, etc.

2. Size – The safes come in a variety of sizes, so select the same accordingly. The ones in the size of a drawer could accommodate a gun, some cash, and small valuable items like a watch, etc.

3. Mechanism – Though the safes or vaults with combination locks are popular, they are quite time-taking and irritating when you forget the password. Meanwhile, you can check for fast access safes with superior features, such as the ones with RFID Technology introduced by the QuickSafes Company.

4. Prices – Prices would definitely vary wildly depending on the quality, technology, and other features of a safe. But, investing in a high-tech safe would ensure top-notch security for your valuables.

5. Reviews – Check for reviews and ratings provided by genuine buyers to an online seller of safes.

Consult the helpdesk or customer support team of the online seller if you have any safe-related queries. Weigh the different factors to make an informed decision.


Your Brief Guide to Modern Disguised Hidden Safes

The Safes, with the advent of technology, have become highly sophisticated and intelligent.

Ideally, you would switch to a locker or a drawer to keep your valuable items like cash, jewelry, cards, etc. However, they are not exactly “safe”, are they?

Apparently, you would wish to see something secure, robust, and lockable system for the security of your valuables. Scouring marketplaces may help you a little, but the disguised hidden safes are something you should look forward to.

What’s a disguised safe?

A safe that blends in perfectly with the environment, which cannot be noticed unless it’s revealed by someone, is called a disguised safe. It could be in the form of a furniture, vent, wall clock, etc.

The Safe cover looks so natural that nobody knows what’s underneath. Precisely, it doesn’t attract the eyes of a burglar who barges in for a heist.

What are the available options?

QuickSafes Company brings impeccable varieties of solutions in the form of hidden safes disguised for homes and offices. With the RFID Technology, the ordinary-looking safes offer top-notch protection for your jewelry, weapons, cash, etc. For example, the QuickShelf Safe that blends in the wall like a piece of decorative furniture. You will need an RFID card to unlock the safe.

The safes made by QuickSafes are simple and easy to install. The purchase would provide the Safe, Battery power backup, pre-programmed RFID keys, batteries, and instruction manual. You can visit http://www.quicksafes.com and browse the different categories to find the suitable safe for your home or office.